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MA3000’s Powerful Blend of
Data and Docketing Features

MA3000 offers a number of features not available elsewhere that help you track and organize case information with accuracy and confidence.

User-Friendly Interface
MA3000’s user interface is the most intuitive in the industry and can be quickly mastered. Enter as much or as little information as you please — the complete docket history or just important court hearings and deadlines. Every feature of MA3000 is optimized for speed and efficiency.

Rules-based Scheduling LEARN MORE
MA3000’s always up-to-date rules server automatically identifies and schedules court appearances and deadlines and lets you review the rules applied. Reduce the risk of malpractice claims resulting from missed appearances and deadlines.

Case Data Services LEARN MORE
Generate dockets and diaries from case data transmitted by state and federal courts. Receive email alerts on key case events, including relevant court filings. Access the judge’s profile and recent decisions. View the complete case history.

Web Calendars for Attorneys LEARN MORE
Access personalized calendars and complete docket history online, including linked pleadings and judge profiles.

Comprehensive Reports
Generate reports of calendar events and case information for the entire firm, particular offices, attorneys, cases or courts, for any time period. Reports can be printed, emailed and saved in multiple formats. Managers and staff can monitor calendars and court coverage to avoid missed appearances and scheduling conflicts.

Outlook Integration, with Virtual Meeting Organizer
Attorney and staff Outlook calendars are synchronized and dynamically updated to reflect MA3000 events and diary entries.

Case Management
Developed for the nation’s largest law firms, MA3000 enables you to maintain a complete docket history for even the most complex cases, in addition to calendaring court appearances and deadlines. MA3000 can assign and track cases and run reports by court, office or attorney, making it ideal for multi-office firms.

Billing Services
MA3000 tracks all docketing service charges to simplify billing to clients.